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As long as there are postmen, life will have zest. — William James

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Privacy is essential to The Letter Exchange. Accordingly, we will not sell, rent, trade, or in any way reveal the name, address, or any other personal information about anyone, subscriber or not, who uses our magazine or forwarding service.

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Do you look forward to going to your mailbox each day? If not, The Letter Exchange can help! Whether you want to discuss contemporary events or brag about your cat, connect with other crafters or compare opinions on the latest bestseller, you'll find great penfriends by subscribing to "LEX".

The Unique Benefits of LEX

  • Letter writers choose interesting correspondents by matching themselves using the number-coded listings printed in the magazine. Anyone can respond to listings and subscribers can also enter their own listings.

  • Letter writers responding to listings in the "Ghost Letters" section pretend they are the fictional or historical character the listing is addressed to and reply from that point of view, creating a story through letters.

  • The "LEX Number" forwarding system allows subscribers to keep their names and addresses confidential as long as they want to.

And more! We've featured Ronald Reagan's official pen pal, an elf who answers children's letters in Minneapolis, a letter written by Helen Keller at the age of 12, cartoons about pen palling from subscribers, quotes from famous letter writers of the never know what will show up! Plus Lexers share their letter-writing experiences in "Letters to LEX".

No prisoners or singles ads, just good conversation by snail mail.

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Single issue – $9

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Winter: February 15
Summer: June 15
Autumn: October 15
Issue 34 is in the mail!

The Letter Exchange, Summer 2014
Summer 2014, #34


Ghost Letters... Bother that old reality. Let's play!.
Writing between the Lines... When the responses don't satisfy.
JFK Condolence Letters... A new collection was made public recently.
Letters to LEX... These are a few of your favorite tools, and more.
The World of Letters... Robert Burns writes in English and Scots.
How Sharper Than a Goose's Quill... The vintage manufacture of steel pens.
Frankly, My Dear... Anecdotes from the early days of postage.
Listings Part 2

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We forward letters to listings back to Issue 1, Summer 2003. Many listers are still looking for new correspondents!